Junior Bake Off

bake off

Guide to executing your school bake-off selection:

  • Display your printable bake-off poster somewhere visible to the students.
  • Designate a staff member/s to generally manage the schools entry into the competition.
  • Announce at assembly you are looking for a pair from any one class, home class or elective, to enter this competition on September 12th to represent the school, include this on your email newsletter.
  • Set up a panel of an odd number of staff, have at least three, ideally more to give a good balance of opinions on the food, try to include a Home Economics teacher, or a staff member who loves to bake, or a foodie who just loves to eat, you won’t be short of volunteers to eat cake.
  • Hold a tasting at assembly and give marks out of five, three points for taste, texture, smell, etc two points for presentation. The designated member(s) of staff involved with the completion should number each entry separate to the panel so they remain somewhat anonymous until the best is selected (and not be on the panel), list the names and class of the entrants relative to each number as you number them.
  • Should you have cake left over after tasting, allow the students to get involved and sample it also (not bring it all back to the staff room to scoff).
  • You should select a first place and two consecutive runners up, should the pair selected not be able to bring an entry on the day due to unforeseen circumstances you should arrange that another will still represent your school.
  • If you wish to participate and have your school represented at the festival, email flavourofkillorglin@gmail.com with BAKE-OFF PARTICIPATE and your schools name in the subject by 1st June.
  • When your school has selected a winner, fill out the form and email it to flavourofkillorglin@gmail.com with BAKE-OFF ENTRY and your school name in the subject by Wednesday 8th September.
  • Any queries email flavourofkillorglin@gmail.com with BAKE-OFF QUERY and your school name in the subject.
  • Should you need to change the entry as they cannot make the judging day, email flavourofkillorglin@gmail.com with BAKE_OFF AMEND ENTRY and your school name in the subject.